Professor Louise Amoore

Louise Amoore researches and teaches in the areas of global geopolitics, security, and political theory. She has particular interests in how contemporary forms of data, analytics and risk management are changing the techniques of border control and security. Louise is currently ESRC Global Uncertainties leadership fellow (2012-2015). Her fellowship project ‘Securing Against Future Events’ (SaFE): Preemption, Protocols and Publics’ examines how inferred futures become the basis for new forms of security risk calculus.

Louise’s new book, The Politics of Possibility: Risk and Security Beyond Probability (2013) is in press with Duke University Press. The book maps out the politics of possibility that has come to characterize contemporary life, tracing its genesis into the diverse worlds of risk consulting, computer science, commercial logistics, and data mining and visualization. The book depicts the coalescence of two distinctive orientations to the uncertain future: one, derived from the worlds of economy and commerce, that conceives of harnessing the economic possibilities and opportunities of risk; and the other, characteristic of sovereign security, that seeks to act upon low probability high impact events via the arraying of multiple paths of possibility. In the coming together of these worlds, decisions are made on the basis of possible associations between people, objects, places and events.


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