AAG 2015
21- 25 April 2015
Chicago, USA

In April 2015, Volha participated in the Association of American Geographers (AAG) Annual Meeting (held in Chicago, USA), where she presented a talk based on her recently published book ‘Biopolitics, Governmentality and Humanitarianism: ‘Caring’ for the Population in Afghanistan and Belarus’ ( ). She contributed to the ‘PREM: Militarism and Humanitarianism 2’ panel, which was part of a series organised by Emily Gilbert and Killian McCormack (University of Toronto). Other excellent contributions came from: Jennifer Fluri (University of Colorado), Killian McCormack (University of Toronto), Jennifer Greenburg (University of California) and Simon H. Reid-Henry (QMUL and Peace Research Institute, Oslo).

Volha also attended and took part in discussions at such exciting panels as:

  • ‘Thinking about Politics of the Air’ (Organisers: Marijn Nieuwenhuis (University of Warwick) and Miguel de Larrinaga (University of Ottawa); Discussant: Philip Steinberg (Durham University)) with talks on the use of tear gas, on the relationship between the elements and the territory, on atmospheric governance, and on solar balloons;
  • ‘PREM – Base, Bunkers and Ports II: Airpower’ (Organisers: Lindsey Dillon (UC Berkeley) and Javier Arbona (UC Davis)) with talks on drone economies, on genealogy of the use of airpower in US domestic policing, on lines of sights and technologically augmented vision of the military, and on history of aerial surveillance for national protection in the USA;
  • ‘PREM 3: Militarism and Humanitarianism 3’ (panel) (Organisers: Emily Gilbert and Killian McCormack (University of Toronto)) with interventions on the recent evolution of the relationship between militarism and humanitarianism, on the USAID and humanitarian present, on the AFRICOM and the neoimperialism, and on money as a weapons system;
  • ‘Logistics and Power II: Political Geographies of Logistics’ (Organisers: Martin Danyluk (University of Toronto) and Kyle Loewen (University of British Columbia)) with talks on global logistics and African ports, on military logistics and counterinsurgency, and on logistics of military detention; and
  • ‘Politics of Failure II – Strategies’ (Organisers: Clancy Wilmott and Sam Hind (University of Warwick)) with talks on failure of urban projects for climate change adaptation, failure of policing understood as a technicality, on dismantling functionalism at a university campus, on ruins as ‘failed failures’, and on impossible failures when failure is reconstructed as generative.

The event’s programme is available at:
The 2016 AAG Annual Meeting will be held in San Francisco.