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AAG 2015
21- 25 April 2015
Chicago, USA

In April 2015, Volha participated in the Association of American Geographers (AAG) Annual Meeting (held in Chicago, USA), where she presented a talk based on her recently published book ‘Biopolitics, Governmentality and Humanitarianism: ‘Caring’ for the Population in Afghanistan and Belarus’ ( She contributed to the ‘PREM: Militarism and Humanitarianism 2’ panel, which was part of a series organised by Emily Gilbert and Killian McCormack (University of Toronto). Other excellent contributions came from: Jennifer Fluri (University of Colorado), Killian McCormack (University of Toronto), Jennifer Greenburg (University of California) and Simon H. Reid-Henry (QMUL and Peace Research Institute, Oslo).
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The 5th Annual European Data Protection and Privacy Conference

9 December 2014 Volha attended the 5th Annual European Data Protection and Privacy Conference: Towards a Coordinated Privacy Framework for Europe, which was organised by Forum Europe and held at the Management Centre Europe in Brussels. The event was attended by more than 300 delegates and, according to its organisers, provided “a key multi-stakeholder platform for debate on data protection and privacy in Europe”.
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