Political grammars


The seminar brought together two speakers, our guest Dr Veronique Pin-Fat (Politics, Manchester) and Prof. Louise Amoore (Geography, Durham), who explored contemporary political grammars (cosmopolitanism and security calculations respectively) and some of their effects and implications. In addition to engaging with Ludwig Wittgenstein’s thinking, their papers had a number of other shared concerns/themes, such as the constitutive role of political grammars, nature of rationality, the role of rules and foundations and the need for ethical responsibility, and critique of some of the political responses to the fears and anxieties surrounding uncertainty, incalculability and undecidability in general. The event, attended by postgraduate students, postdoctoral researchers and members of staff, was a success, with a lively discussion following presentation of the papers. The discussion revolved around a variety of issues, from the nature and role of language, to differences between logic and grammar; from the changing security landscapes to the ways of practicing cosmopolitanism without foundations.