Monthly Archives: April 2015

AAG 2015
21- 25 April 2015
Chicago, USA

In April 2015, Volha participated in the Association of American Geographers (AAG) Annual Meeting (held in Chicago, USA), where she presented a talk based on her recently published book ‘Biopolitics, Governmentality and Humanitarianism: ‘Caring’ for the Population in Afghanistan and Belarus’ ( ). She contributed to the ‘PREM: Militarism and Humanitarianism 2’ panel, which was part of a series organised by Emily Gilbert and Killian McCormack (University of Toronto). Other excellent contributions came from: Jennifer Fluri (University of Colorado), Killian McCormack (University of Toronto), Jennifer Greenburg (University of California) and Simon H. Reid-Henry (QMUL and Peace Research Institute, Oslo).
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